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Simple Present Exercise

1. Adicione S ou ES aos verbos nas sentenças se necessário. Se não for necessário, coloque um X no espaço em branco.

a) He works in a bank.
b) They lives in France.
c) I watches TV every day.
d) She goes to work by car.
e) The film finishes at ten o'clock.
f) We plays tennis every weekend.
g) They goes on holiday in August.
h) He speaks Italian and French.
i) She does her homework every night.

2. Escreva frases, usando a forma negativa do Present Simple:

a) (He/not/live/ in Mexico) He doesn't live in Mexico.
b) (She/not//work/in a bank) She doesn't work in a bank.
c) (I/not/play golf) I don't play golf.
d) (Paul/not/listen/to teh radio) Paul doesn't listen to teh radio.
e) (We/not/speak/French) We don't speak french.
f) (You/not/listen/to me!) You don't listen to me.
g) (My car/not/work) My car doesn't work.
h) (I/not/drink/tea) I don't drink tea.
i) (Sheila/not/eat/meat) Sheila doesn't eat meat.
3. Complete os espaços com a conjugação correta dos verbos no Presente Simples do inglês.

Kristin wakes up (wake up) everyday at 7. She brushes (brush) her teeth and then take (take) a shower. Then she meets (meet) with her friend Jennifer and together they have (have) breakfast at a little diner near the office. They get (get) to the office at around 8:30. Kristin goes (go) to the first floor, where she works (work), and Jennifer takes (take) the elevator to the 11th floor, where her office is (be). Later, they meet (meet) again at 12 to have lunch.

4. Complete os espaços com a opção correta: do, does, don't, doesn't, is, isn't, are ou aren't:

a.Do you like ice-cream?
Yes I do. I think everybody do.

b.Is Kim from Australia?
Nope, she is actually Canadian.

c. We don't like the beach very much this time of the year. We prefer the mountains.
Really? Why is that?
Beaches are too crowded in the summer.
Do you always go to the mountains in the summer?
About every two years. It is a shame that we have more free time to travel.

d. How often do you go to the movies?
Every week or so. I like to watch all the comedies, but I really don't like horror movies.
Really? Horror movies are my favorite ones.

e. Rose is here yet. Where is she?
Oh, she is late because of the traffic.
Ok, we can wait.Is she have a car?
No, she isn't. She always takes a cab.

f.Are those your friends from Spain?
They are my friends, but they are Spanish. They are actually from Argentina.
Oh. Are they go to the same school that you go?
No, they aren't students. They are actually Spanish teachers.

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